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A non-invasive procedure to alleviate depression, with effective 20-minute treatment sessions. Available in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

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*Note: we are currently not offering medication management at this time, only TMS-related services.

Is depression robbing you of joy? Have you tried medication and/or therapy without consistent success? Don’t despair! TMS Integrative Brain Institute has another way to treat depression that is non-invasive, non-systemic, has minimal side effects and risks, is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for major, treatment-resistant depression and is covered by most insurance including Medicare.   

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been proven effective in over sixty clinical trials. 50% of patients achieved remission and 75% reported improvement. TMS treatments take twenty minutes and are administered five days a week for four to six weeks. Are you willing to give yourself seven to ten hours (plus travel time) to see how much better you can feel? The TMS machine emits a targeted electro-magnetic field that works with the part of the brain which controls serotonin. Over the course of treatment TMS can achieve what electro-shock therapy can, without any of the side effects. You can return to work or your other daily activities right after a treatment.

You can change the way you feel about your life. 

Our Mission

A Strong Team Helping a Strong Community

Dr. Thomas Wind has spent more than 25 years providing individualized attention and detailed care for patients, including other medical professionals. He has served in all areas of mental health (from inpatient hospitals to private practice), and is a supervising physician for nurse practitioners and therapists in varied settings, including special education. As a leader within his community, he strives to bring relief to those living with mental illness.

In addition to her busy Row Psychiatric practice, Rosemary Fordjour, C.R.N.P. performs volunteer work in West Africa with the Rhode Foundation, whose mission is to bring medical care to the rural areas of the Republic of Ghana. Her passion for taking outstanding care of others continues into this TMS treatment practice. Here she provides a cognitive assessment for each patient both before and after completion of treatments.

Both Dr. Wind and Ms. Fordjour use therapy, DNA assessments, nutritional therapy, and the least amount of effective medications in their private practices. Their well-rounded approach to mental wellness ensures each person who steps through the door of TMS Integrative Brain Institute will always receive full dedication to their mental health.

Your TMS Journey Begins Here


You will begin your journey with a diagnostic assessment by our Director of Psychiatric Services. This will determine if TMS treatment is suitable for you. It consists of a thorough 60-90 minute evaluation of your history and your current state of mental health.

Insurance Authorization

We apply for prior insurance authorization. If you meet the criteria for TMS treatment, it is very likely your insurance company will require a prior authorization. This decision can take one to two weeks.  

First Treatment

After insurance authorization our medical director in conjunction with our director of psychiatric services will “map” where the TMS helmet should be placed for optimum results. In your first treatment we will determine the best dose of TMS to help you, fit you with your helmet and your first full TMS 19-min treatment.

Daily Treatments

You will receive 19 minute treatments Monday through Friday. Your treatment course can range from four to six depending on your need and insurance authorization.

Refresher Treatments

If you need refresher treatments at any time we will contact your insurance carrier and request them.  These refreshers, if needed, could occur years after your original treatment course.

Ongoing Care

Once TMS treatment is complete, clients can return to their prescribing provider for ongoing medication management or therapy if either are needed

At TMS Integrative Brain Institute, we have found that, over a period of time, depression can leave a lasting impact on the cognitive perception of the individual suffering with depression. This is why every client is given a cognitive assessment prior to treatment and after treatment.

By having this baseline information, we are able to create a personalized and individualized treatment through a multifactorial therapeutic approach.

What People Say

“Since [I was diagnosed with depression at age 11], I have tried numerous therapists and tried almost every medication out there. I would try a new medication, but never have any relief. I felt discouraged, and hopeless… I was trapped in my own world. I was apprehensive about starting [Deep TMS], but I consulted with a team of wonderful individuals. I knew I was in safe hands and fully trusted them with my treatment.”

Kayla, TMS Integrative Brain Institute patient treated with BrainswayD

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