Videos – Behind The Science

Learn about the TMS Experience from these success stories.

CBS This Morning – TMS Special

The following video segment from CBS This Morning features an interview conducted by correspondent Jamie Yuccas with Marcia Terry, a Brainsway deep TMS patient who had tried five anti-depressant treatments without success.  With TMS she reported feeling joy for the first time in her life.

Mayo Clinic – TMS Therapy for Depression

The following is a video interview with Dr. Simon Kung a physician from the Mayo Clinic who uses TMS.  This is a twelve minute video with a lot of information for those who want to better understand how TMS works for patients experiencing major depressive disorder, how it differs from electo-shock therapy, and who are good candidates for TMS.

KATU – TMS Therapy for OCD

The following is an AM Northwest video interview with a Dr. Jonathan Horey of Active Recovery TMS who uses Brainsway’s TMS equipment to treat OCD as well as depression.  About 33 million people in the U.S. suffer from OCD, often accompanied by depression.  Brainsway’s treatment for OCD has been FDA approved since 2018.